The Principals of HB Equity Partners have worked together for most of our private equity investment careers and collectively have over 40 years of investment experience. Overall, our experience has provided us with a diverse range of transactional, financial and operational skills on which to draw as we make investments, build our portfolio companies, and exit profitably from our investments.

As merchant bankers involved in all aspects of the capital structure earlier in our careers, and for the last 18 years as equity investors, we have analyzed hundreds of businesses and worked with over 150 companies in diverse industries. We have developed keen instincts from over two decades of business analysis. Since we are detail-oriented, we get to know our management teams well and we work to support our management teams in making fact based decisions to achieve their objectives.

Because our firm is small, we're able to work collaboratively on our investments so our management teams can tap into the specific talents, networks and experience of each member of our firm throughout the time of our involvement.

Michael F. Bonnet, General Partner
Andrew W. Hubregsen, General Partner