HB Equity Partners invests in small companies in distribution, gaming, leisure and entertainment, media and telecommunications, services, and specialty manufacturing. These are industry areas where we have experience and therefore an ability to add value to our companies. Our firm is small and experienced which allows us to respond quickly to all investment opportunities.

Since 1992, our principal focus has been to look at the world as an owner, not just as an investor. For this reason, we spend the time to understand the opportunities and challenges within each business we consider for investment. We have particular expertise with complex transactions that require a trusted, experienced partner to complete and regulated industries that require specialized knowledge in order to participate. We will also consider industries that are temporarily out-of-favor, but which are structurally sound.

Our objective is to design capital structures that minimize risk and prudently take advantage of debt. In addition, we will customize transaction structures in order to help address circumstances unique to specific situations and have the expertise to creatively structure solutions to deal with business, legal and regulatory issues. We generally seek to take control positions in our investments. Since we regard each investment as a partnership with a portfolio company's management team, we offer significant upside to management though equity participation.

We partner with outstanding management teams and leave the day-to-day operations to them. As board members and trusted advisors, we provide our management teams with strategic guidance, active support with business objectives, help in establishing best practices, broader access to capital markets, recruiting talented professionals and our significant network of contacts.